Sunday, March 30, 2014

What My Son Said

The call came out of the blue, unexpected, unsought. This was not unusual. Most of my son Aaron's texts and calls are like that...unexpected...surprises. An extremely busy young man with a rapidly rising career and a lively family life, he just does not call very often. So when he does, it is always special.

"Mom," he said, "listen up!"
This call was unexpected, however, for more than that reason. It was unexpected because of the message he wanted to give me.

Now, when either of my sons calls me (Aaron or Nathan), I can usually tell from the first breath on the other end of the line just how life is going for the caller. A mother knows her child's tone, and can read volumes from one word. My heart soars or sinks with the first syllable...I know this is going to be a happy call or a sad one. After all, because the calls are not all that frequent, especially from my elder son, when they do come they usually bear some important message.

I am honored that both of my sons tend to let me know, at least second to their wives, what of good or ill has just transpired. We have always been close and that closeness still prompts the entrusting of critical life information to me.

When this particular call came in, the tone of the first syllable relayed a clear emotion. This time it was one of enthusiasm, or direct proclamation. "Mom!" he said out the gate.

"Hi, Aaron. What's happenin'?"

"Mom! You need to start a blog! You really need to do that!"

Wondering what had precipitated this, I was quizzical. "Really?" I said, bemused. "Why do you say that?"

"You have so much to offer!" he said. "You have a lot to tell people that they might not hear otherwise."

"Gee, Aaron," I said, "thanks for saying that. But, what got you thinking about this?"

"Mom, you have insights about things that others need to know. You have a handle on lots of things that you really need to share! And you have a following. Do it, Mom!"

How right or wrong he is, I guess we will be finding out. To this day, I still don't know what prompted his insistence that I do this. But, I have not been able to dismiss it since.

And, I respect his opinion. He is a groovy, in-the-know guy. So, if he says so...

Besides, how often does a grown child have the humility to endorse a parent in this way? For that, if for no other reason, I need to honor his wish and give it a go.

I hope you will all follow along as I take on this new venture. I will need your help...all of you! I will need your interaction, your unsullied straightforwardness, your unabashed contributions.

And, I want to hear from you, too, Aaron...Nathan! You know me better than anybody knows me. So, do me the honor of participating as often as you like.

I will try to post at least once a week. Sometimes more or less frequently, depending on how hot a topic is burning in my heart.

In fact, I am calling this blog Ellen Traylor's Thoughts from the Writer's Heart. And that is just where it will come from.

Welcome to my blog...welcome to my heart!